Callback for VMS Triggers

Callback Format:

The callback format used in the VMS service consists of the following components:

  1. VmsService: Specifies the service involved in the callback, which can be one of the following: Api, Worker, Management.
  2. ContentStatus: Represents the status of the content being processed. The possible values include:
    • CREATED: Content has been created.
    • DELETED: Content has been deleted.
    • ENCODE: Content is being encoded.
    • ERROR: An error occurred with the content. It will be retried twice before failing. Additional details can be viewed in the accompanying message.
    • FAILED: Content processing has failed.
    • LINK_PROCESS: Link processing is in progress.
    • PACKAGE: Content packaging is being performed.
    • PARTIAL_READY: Content is partially ready.
    • PURGE: Content has been purged.
    • QUEUE: Content is in the queue for processing.
    • READY: Content is ready for use.
    • TRANSFER: Content transfer is in progress.
    • UPLOAD_COMPLETE: Upload of content is complete.
    • UPLOAD_FROM_3Party: Content upload from a third party is in progress.
    • UPLOAD_FROM_FUPIB_WAD: Content upload from FUPIB_WAD is in progress.
    • UPLOAD_FROM_FUPIB_W: Content upload from FUPIB_W is in progress.
    • UPLOAD_FROM_FUPIB_W_ACTIVE: Active content upload from FUPIB_W is in progress.
    • UPLOAD_TO_BACKUP: Content upload to backup is in progress.
    • VALIDATE: Content validation is in progress.
    • WAITING: Content is in a waiting state.
    • WAIT_USER_ORDER: Content is waiting for user order.
    • WORKER_QUEUE: Content is in the queue for worker processing.
    • CANCEL: Content processing has been canceled.

Additionally, the following fields are nullable within the callback:

  • RefId: Reference ID associated with the content.
  • Links: Contains information about the links related to the content.
  • Links.Width: Width of the content's links.
  • Links.Height: Height of the content's links.
  • Links.Bitrate: Bitrate of the content's links.

These callback parameters provide information about the status and processing stages of the content, allowing for effective monitoring and management of the content within the VMS system.

Example JSON can be investigated below.


  "ContentId": 737,
  "UniqueId": "u1R1_W3a1hLy8IPs8bMiPA",
  "RefId": "test_callbck_00x02",
  "Name": "test_callbck_00x02",
  "Duration": 30,
  "Percentage": 0,
  "Links": [
      "Link": "",
      "LinkType": "HLS",
      "IsReady": true,
      "PlaylistType": "DEFAULT"
      "Bitrate": 1600,
      "Link": "",
      "LinkType": "Progressive",
      "IsReady": true,
      "PlaylistType": "DEFAULT",
      "Width": 1280,
      "Height": 720
      "Bitrate": 1200,
      "Link": "",
      "LinkType": "Progressive",
      "IsReady": true,
      "PlaylistType": "DEFAULT",
      "Width": 854,
      "Height": 480
  "VmsService": "Management",
  "Message": "Content ready!",
  "ContentStatus": "READY"
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