Using Drop & FTP Service for VMS

Drop Service

The Drop service allows for the seamless transfer of files from the internal (in-house) system to Erstream VMS. The folder structure within the drop folder follows this format:


The operation consists of multiple states, with the defined parameters from the introduction phase being utilized:

When the media file arrives:

  • In this case, every file present in the drop folder is processed.
  • The file name is considered a unique ID. In other cases, VMS automatically assigns a unique ID.
  • The portion of the file path after the base path is accepted as the destination path for storage (CDNPATH).

When XML/JSON arrives:

  • In this case, a JSON or XML file is expected within the drop folder.
  • The JSON file can define parameters such as UniqueID, name, reference ID, and CDNPATH.
  • The content is processed based on the data provided in the JSON file.

To enable the Drop service, the machine hosting the service must have Nginx or another web service installed. All workers should have access to this server. After the worker retrieves the content from the Drop service, it sends a delete request to remove the content.

The Drop service must be available in the FTP API service on the FTP service machines.

Example JSON format for Drop service:

           "AssetId": "test_drop_json_asset_0001",
           "CdnPath": null,    //if value sent, files are sent to this path.
           "UniqueId": null,   //if value not sent, VMS creates UniqueId automatically.
           "ReferenceId": "test_ref_drop_json_asset_0001",
           "Files":[ "test_encoded_123.mp4_480p_900k.mp4" ]                      

FTP Service

The FTP service follows the same logic as the Drop service. In addition to the FTP service, VMS also manages users. To set up the system, ensure that MySQL is installed locally, and provide access to the FTP machine and VMS-API.

By utilizing the Drop and FTP services, users can seamlessly transfer files from the internal system to Erstream VMS, whether through the Drop folder or FTP service, while managing parameters and accessing user management functionalities within VMS.

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