Content Detail

The Content Detail section provides comprehensive information about the content. Users can access the following details:

1. General: This page displays general information about the content, including its id, description, name, status, duration, format, and other relevant metadata.

2. Categories: Users can view and manage the category assignments for the content on this page. It allows for easy categorization and organization of the content within the VMS.

3. Logs: The Logs page provides detailed logging information related to the content. Users can track activities such as uploads, modifications, and access history to monitor the content's lifecycle and ensure transparency.

4. Links: On this page, users can retrieve the necessary links associated with the content. These links can be used for various purposes, such as embedding the content on external platforms or sharing it with specific individuals or groups. Type should be selected on the dropdown menu to see the corresponding links.

5. Share & Embed: In this section, users can access player links and configure player settings for the content. It allows for the customization and embedding of the player, enabling seamless playback of the content on different devices or platforms.

6. Poster & Background: Users can set a specific scene (by clicking the Choose Frame button) from the content as a poster, which serves as the thumbnail or visual representation of the content. The selected frame will be active, and it's important to ensure that the template includes a background image or visual element to enhance the presentation of the content.

Erstream has a seamless integration with the Civolution Watermarking system, providing robust and reliable content protection capabilities.

Our flexible integration framework allows us to integrate with different watermarking solutions, ensuring compatibility and providing a tailored approach to meet specific requirements.

By utilizing the Content Detail section, users can delve into specific information about each content item, manage its categorization, track its history through logs, retrieve relevant links, configure player settings, and enhance its visual representation through posters and backgrounds. 

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