Operations on Objects

Upload an Object

Right after creating  Storage Bucket, you can start uploading objects in it. Any type of file can be stored in Merlin Storage (text, photo, video, etc.). Uploaded files called Objects the moment they are saved in the Storage. You can follow the steps below to upload Objects to Merlin Storage:

1. Open the Merlin Panel.


2. List buckets by clicking Buckets on the main menu.


3. Click on a bucket’s name to load the object uploading page.


4. On the “Click or Drop Your File” area, choose the file wanted to be uploaded from your computer. You can also drag the file into this area to upload.


5. If you are uploading big portions of files, you can check the uploading details in this area.

Your files are successfully uploaded to Merlin Storage.

Download an Object

After you upload an object to Merlin Storage, you can view the details and download it to your computer. You can download an object from Merlin Panel, Command Line Interface (CLI), SDKs, or REST API. This section explains the details to download an object from MerlinPanel.

1. Open the Merlin Panel by clicking this link.


2. List buckets by clicking Buckets on the main menu.


3. On the main menu, click the bucket’s name you want to download the object from.


4. Find the object you want to download and click the three-dots icon at the end of the row.


5. Choose Download from the options.

You downloaded the latest version of the object by doing this process. To download or display an older version of an object, click on Versioning in Object Options, then download the version of your choice.

If you have a CDN account for your bucket, downloading can be happening on CDN servers if you specifically do not want it to be downloaded from the main servers of the Storage. Creating a CDN distribution for your bucket will provide you with a significant decrease in costs as well as a faster transfer process for your files. You can check out how to create a CDN distribution for your Storage bucket via this link.


Delete an Object

If you do not need an object which is already on Merlin Storage, it is recommended to delete them in case of high costs. Also, before deleting a bucket you should clear all of the objects inside. If there is no object in the bucket, then you can delete it safely. Deleting objects is a permanent and irreversible process. Later, if you would like to access that deleted file on Merlin Storage, you should upload it again from your local machine. 

You can delete an object by following these steps:


1. Choose the bucket from the Buckets page which contains the object you want to delete.


2. Click and select the files that you want to delete.

3. Click the Delete button that appears.4.png

4. Confirm that you want to delete selected files, from the pop-up.

Note: If you want to delete a single object, you can just click the three-dots icon in the object’s row and select the Delete option.

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