Operations on Buckets

Create a Bucket

Every object you upload to Storage is stored in a bucket. As the first step, you need to create a bucket before uploading your objects to the Storage service.

1.png1. Click the “Bucket” button under the Storage tab of the main menu.2.png

2. Click the “Create Bucket”.3.png

3. According to the Bucket Naming Rules, choose and enter a name for your bucket to the Bucket Name area. You will be using this name to access your objects, so it also has to be coherent with DNS Rules. You can check more details of these rules via this link.4.png

4. In the Region area, choose the region where you want to create your bucket.  All regions of Merlin Storage are geo-replicated. Uploaded objects are stored separately in the region of your choice. We recommend you to choose the regions that are geographically closest to you, considering where the traffic will be coming from. Choosing geographically distant regions causes much longer uploading and downloading periods.5.png

5. You can use the calculating tool on this page to obtain your storage estimation. All the calculations made on this tool give you an estimated payment value and this value is not bounding. You can simply avoid having unexpected bills by using this tool.  Price Calculation Tool gives you the estimated value of payment if you manipulate your traffic only by Storage Servers and if you do not create a CDN Distribution. By creating a CDN Distribution, you can highly decrease your transfer costs, and also your object transfers will be much faster. We recommend you have a CDN layer for the buckets that have publicly visible objects init.

6. Click the “Create Bucket” button to complete this process.

Delete a Bucket

If you applied all the steps in this document step by step, and still do not need a bucket even in the future, then you can delete them in this step.

Before deleting the bucket you should clear all of the objects inside. If there is no object in the bucket, then you can delete it safely. Deleted buckets’ names will become available to use by other users so if you still want to work with the same bucket name, do not delete the bucket, only delete the objects within. Even if you delete the bucket, you can still use the same name for another bucket if only another Merlin Storage user did not choose that same name in this period.

You can delete a bucket by following these steps:1.png

1. In the Bucket menu, click on the bucket you want to delete.


2. Click on the Bucket Setting on the menu on the left.


3. Scroll down and click the Delete button at the end of the page.


4. On the pop-up, confirm the process by entering the name of the bucket you wanted to delete.

5. Click on the Delete button.

Attention: Objects in a deleted bucket will be also permanently deleted. Before this deletion process, you have to be sure that you downloaded all the files you will later need if there are some. 

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