What is Merlin Storage?

Merlin Storage is an object storage service based on S3 which accesses using web-based protocols that use standard HTTP(S) and a REST-based application programming interface (API). It provides security, data availability, scalability, and performance over industry standards. Companies from several industries can benefit from the storage service to store, secure, and host their data sources.

Any kind of object (videos, images, documents, etc.) can be stored and accessed from anywhere at any time. Merlin Storage can be easily managed from the Merlin Panel, but you can also use CLI and Classical S3 Rest API for storage management. After creating a Merlin account, you can start to use it quickly.

AWS CLI is an application you can use to run the commands which allow you to manage the AWS services. After a simple installation process, you can rapidly start to use the basic features of AWS.
You need to sign up on Merlin Panel to use Merlin Storage with AWS CLI. After signing up on Merlin Panel, you can create a Credential and obtain the API key needed to be able to use AWS CLI.

Access Management: Merlin treats each user as an organization. You can restrict access to your organization, invite other users to your organization and authorize them with specific roles and privileges.

Logging and Monitoring: All users' activity is carefully logged. You can download and analyze these user activity logs from the Merlin Panel.

Geo-Replication: All of the Merlin Storage servers are geo-replicated. Once you upload an object to Merlin Storage, we create another copy of it in a geographically separate zone. Even if one of the servers is attacked or down, you can still restore your data from the other one. Geo-replication increases data availability, consistency, and reliability.


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