WordPress with MerlinCDN

To be able to use CDN for your WordPress site, you should be using PHP version 5.6 or higher and WordPress version 4.6 or higher. If your site is not configured, you should upgrade your system first.



In order to start using MerlinCDN on your WordPress site, you should enable the Domain Address by plugging it into your WordPress Admin Panel. To proceed, you may follow these steps:

1. First, you should download and install the MerlinCDN plugin on the following link:


2. After installing it, you should configure the MerlinCDN plugin settings.

CDN Hostname: Write your domain address, either HTTP or HTTPS.

CDN Inclusions: Indicate the file types by writing their extensions that you want to be cached by MerlinCDN.

CDN Exclusions: In addition, you may set some strings to exclude the files that contain any of these strings. The files that contain any of these strings won't be cached.


3. Then, to be able to purge your cached content, you should copy the MerlinCDN API Key from the MerlinCDN panel on the profile section.

Purge CDN Cache: Paste the corresponding MerlinCDN API Key. For more detailed information about the API Key, you may visit MerlinCDN API Key.


4. The last thing that you should do is pasting the Distribution Code for the corresponding Domain Address that you indicated to the MerlinCDN Distribution Code section.

MerlinCDN Distribution Code: You can find your distribution code on the top of the corresponding Distribution page as shown below. For example, in this case, the distribution code is



You can find the following setup details on Getting Started with MerlinCDN!

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