What is OTT Suite FAST TV?


Fast TV stands for “free ad-supported streaming TV services” and offers live TV streaming services without the cost. This service provides streaming linear TV programs/channels without creating accounts and paying subscription fees. This is done by streaming services to viewers at no cost by dynamically injecting advertisements during the supposed ad break.

Here are some reasons why Erstreamer Fast TV could be an excellent solution for you.


Boost your monetization 

Erstreamer Fast TV enables you to monetize your content through advertisements. Some individuals enjoy online video sharing platforms, while others favor OTT SVOD services, but a growing segment of consumers are tuning in to Fast TV. By starting one, you can expand your audience, increase the number of views on your videos, and earn money from them.


Save precious time

Erstreamer Fast TV offers multiple uses with the one-time upload. Once you upload your content, it will be encoded simultaneously and you will be able to bring it into play any time you need. You can save up on the time that you spend while encoding each time content is featured.


Innovative, familiar, and future-proof advertising

With Fast TV, advertising will be another innovative sector. Today's Fast TV services use the familiar TV-style advertising pods. Future Fast TV services will be able to accommodate every conceivable advertising and marketing paradigm. QR code-based dynamic calls to action will drive e-commerce experiences. Real-time visuals will help with advertising, tuning in, and sponsorships. Limited commercial interruption experiences will be possible thanks to flexible ad insertion engines. Squeeze-backs and other methods will be available with cloud-based video processing to produce more sellable space.


Fast TV is designed to be used by content owners for financial gain by broadcasting their content live and adding advertisements in between. The Erstreamer Panel’s interface is as safe as it is easy to understand. Customers can modify/upload their content using Erstreamer Panel because of its flexibility. The service is provided via Merlin Panel. You need to purchase one of the Fast TV plans on the panel.

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