New Releases of MerlinCDN

Over the last couple of months, we have been working hard to provide a better service to our clients. We finally are releasing the newest features and services of MerlinCDN. With the new version of the MerlinCDN, you will be able to do much more and even faster.

We prioritize our customers’ user experience on the MerlinCDN panel. So after careful analyses, we determined the problems and improved our panel experience in many aspects.  As the feedbacks that we received from our customers, we developed new tools and insert them into MerlinCDN to put into service. We have fastened our most used functions in order to higher the performance of websites that we deliver their content. In below, you may find the list of the new improvements of MerlinCDN and detailed explanations belong to them.


Profile Activities Tab

    • You can now see your account's activities in your profile.
    • You can filter these activities by Workspace or Time.


    • You can now purchase plans with your prepaid balance instead of paying as you go.
    • We have carefully prepared our plans to help your costs.
    • At any time, you can upgrade, downgrade or completely cancel your plans, but downgrade or cancel actions will only take place at the end of the plan's period.
    • You can also purchase one of our Support Plans to help and optimize your usage of our systems.

Cost Explorer

    • You can now check the breakdown of your costs for the current month.
    • Your costs will be split between the services, but you can also check the breakdown of the costs for anyone's service.


    • You can now see all your subscriptions in one place.
    • It will show you all the relevant information about those subscriptions.

Automatic Top-Up

    • You can now let us automatically top-up your balance when it reaches the limit that you set.
    • When enabled, we will process payment of your chosen amount after your balance drops below the specified amount.

Certificate Details Page

    • You can now click on a certificate to see its details.
    • Certificate's Chain, Alt Names, and the attached CNAMEs can be checked on this page.

Raw Logs

    • Raw Logs are now grouped by distribution.
    • You can click on a distribution's name on Raw Logs page to see the links for that distribution.
    • You can now, also enable/disable Raw Logs for a distribution from Raw Logs page.

Account Security

    • You can now enable Two Factor Authentication with a compatible application.
    • After it's enabled, we will ask for a One-Time Password from the application when you login, delete a workspace, or a distribution.
    • Our application is now also protected by reCAPTCHA.

Notification Settings

    • You can now decide via which channels you want to get notifications from us.
    • You can now receive SMS notifications from us.
    • You can now, also decide which notifications that you receive for your workspaces.

Various Improvements

    • Most of our dependencies about the performance and security are updated&improved.
    • You can now upload images with drag and drop.
    • You can now recreate a Cache Invalidation request by clicking the repeat button in the row.
    • You can now see your passwords as you write by clicking on the show password icon in the field.
    • Workspaces and Profile menus have been moved to the User Menu on the top right.
    • Phone number input on the Profile page has been improved.
    • You can now logout from the organization and workspace selection screens.
    • Visitors' tables have been updated with color indicators for their related slice of the pie chart.
    • Sort and Page parameters for all tables are now stored by the browser to be applied automatically.

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a problem where Distributions and Certificates menus were hidden for All Workspaces.
    • Fixed a bug where the attached certificate did not appear selected while updating SSL for a CNAME.
    • Fixed a bug where clicking on the Change Workspace icon on the sidebar always redirected to the organization selection screen.


We aim to improve your experience on MerlinCDN every day. With the MerlinCDN, you will experience a fast, secure, reliable service that you can find everything you need to accelerate your content and more.


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