Why You Should Use MerlinCDN?

Once your website is a part of the MerlinCDN service, its web traffic is routed through our intelligent global network. MerlinCDN automatically optimizes the delivery of your distributions so your visitors get the lowest page load times and best performance. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, MerlinCDN provides the best-in-class content delivery, all the while allowing you to manage your resources, permissions, and users through the Workspace environment.


MerlinCDN gives you total control of your services via an intuitive management web panel with a wide range of configurations and pre-defined settings to make sure content is delivered in the exact way needed. Every service typically has a large list of requirements and when it comes to configurations, it can be overwhelming even for experienced engineers. We made sure that MerlinCDN Support Center provides you all the answers you may need, along with instructions, tools, and tips to setup fault-proof distributions. You can always contact MerlinCDN by support system and ask for help.

MerlinCDN offers two different payment options. You can either choose the pay as you go option and get charged by the amount of traffic that is consumed by your distributions or you can choose the best fitting plan for your business. Our plans are carefully constructed to provide the best payment option for a variety of business types. You can access service logs and statistics via the management panel, alternatively, you can enable logging on your distributions and download raw logs. You can see your invoices and cost information easily on the management panel. You can use multiple payment methods, pay using different credit cards, and save your credit cards with Iyzico infrastructure.

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