Use MerlinCDN More Effectively With Page Rules

Page Rules allow you to configure MerlinCDN to interact with your origin server in certain ways. You can specify path patterns and add, update, manage behavior policies for requests based on the path pattern.

You can create page rules with the values and parameters explained below.

Note: While most of the policies apply to both Static and Dynamic Distributions, they have some exclusive policies that can be configured.



Choose origin 

You may have multiple origins specified for a distribution. Specify the origin to relate with the page rule you are working on. 

Decide on Path Pattern 

Specify which path pattern or directory you want this page rule to apply to. 

Choose policy options 

Policy options are the backbone of your distributions that are listed as follows 

Deny connection 

Yes or No depending on whether you require to deny connections to a specified path pattern. 

Allowed HTTP methods 

Specify HTTP methods that will be allowed on requests to your origin. Options are as follows. You can set multiple methods. 







Cache TTL 

Specify the default duration, in seconds, that you want MerlinCDN to keep files in its caches before it forwards another request to your origin to determine whether the file has been updated.  

Query string forwarding and caching 

Specify whether you want MerlinCDN to forward query strings to your origin and cache content based on query strings. 
Forward all, cache based on all 
Forward all, cache based on whitelist 

Forwarded cookies 

You can configure MerlinCDN to cache different versions of your content based on the values of query string parameters. Specify whether you want MerlinCDN to forward cookies and how to forward them to your origin server. Only for Dynamic distributions. 

Cache based on selected request headers 

Specify whether you want MerlinCDN to cache files based on the values of specified headers. Only for Dynamic distributions. 

Background cache update 

Specify whether you want MerlinCDN to update the background cache. Only for Dynamic distributions 

Add CORS header 

Specify whether you want MerlinCDN to add CORS header to client requests routed to your origin. 

Hide client user agent 

You can configure MerlinCDN to hide the client user agent on the requests routed to your origin server.  

Browser cache TTL 

You can configure Browser cache TTL the same as Cache TTL or specify whether you want files to stay in browser caches for a different duration than they stay in MerlinCDN caches.

Cacheable HTTP Methods

Only responses to the selected HTTP methods are cached.

Minimum Request Count for Cache

You can specify the minimum number of requests to cache an object.

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