Servers Management

You can configure and update Servers in Add Origin and Edit Origin screens by following the steps outlined below. 

To access Add or Edit Origin sections; follow the steps outlined in Add Origin article.
Scroll down the page to access Servers section.

On Add Origin

You can add up to 10 servers to your Origin group for a distribution. 

  1. Domain or IP: Type the domain name or server IP address. 
  2. Role: Select its role from the dropdown as Acitve or Backup. 
  3. Weight: Set a value between 1 to 255. This value will be used in routing requests among the servers that are set. The one with the highest value will receive the highest number of requests. If you have servers in your origin cluster with different capacities, set higher weight values for the ones with more or better capacity to avoid overworking the ones with less CPU or RAM. To learn more about weighted balancing check the Load Balancing section. 

Add Server by clicking the button. 

Repeat steps 1 to 4 to add more servers to your origin group. 

On Edit Origin

Servers section will list the Origin info that is set on Create Distribution step. You can update the domain or IP address, its role, and weight values here.
Update Server by clicking the button to save changes.


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