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Origins are the servers where you store the original versions of your files that MerlinCDN will cache and deliver to your end-users.  Basic Origin settings such as Origin URL, domain name are completed when creating a new distribution. There are other values you can specify to configure MerlinCDN to interact with your origin servers in certain ways for your distribution.

MerlinCDN will use default settings when accessing your origin servers when/if there are no specifications on this section.

To manage Origin settings for your distributions; follow the steps outlined below:

Log in to MerlinCDN Management panel.

In the left navigation sidebar click Distributions. Clicking on a distribution name expands the settings section; select your distribution you want to configure.

Click on Origin to access Origins page where you can list your Origins, Add new Origins, and edit Origin settings.


Tip: use the search box if you have multiple origins to filter your origin on the list section.

Default origin refers to the server or server group set as default Origin for your distribution. You can customize Origin settings on this section, simply by clicking on origin name or selecting edit or delete options by expanding the action list on the left side of the table.

Add Origin

You can add multiple Origins to a MerlinCDN distribution. Use the Add Origin button located on the Origins page and configure MerlinCDN to access and interact with your Origin servers in certain ways.


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