Add Page Rules

You can specify path patternsmanage MerlinCDN behavior policies for requests received to your distributions via Page Rules. Page Rules allow you to configure your distributions by settings such as cacheHTTP methods, query string forwarding and configure MerlinCDN in the exact way to interact with your origin and the content in your origin in managing delivery to your end-users. 

Adding and updating page rules  

To manage Page Rules for your distributions; follow the steps outlined below: 

Log in to MerlinCDN Management panel.

In the left navigation sidebar click Distributions. Clicking on a distribution name expands the settings section; select your distribution you want to add a Page Rule. Default Page Rule will be added to every distribution. You can edit the Default Page Rule for applying the settings to every pattern on your distribution.

  1. Click on Page Rules.
  2. Click on Add Page Rule button to add page rule.


      3. You can configure the page rules details on the following page by using the Page Rules Document

      4. Click on any rule on the table to edit the page rule by clicking the dots of the corresponding page rule as can be seen below. You may move to top or move to bottom easily using this edit button.


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