HTTP Caching Types

The growth of the information sources in the era of the Internet brings along the competition of quick responses. Users can reach the same or similar information in several resources within seconds. Caching is very useful to give a fast response and control over the traffic of the servers. Information or site responses cached in the users' browser or middle layers such as MerlinCDN which benefits a wide network of servers for caching and reduces traffic. 

Cache Types

No Cache

Content is not cached. Every request for this resource is responded by the server.


Private Cache

Content is stored in the browser of the user. If the user revisits the source, content is served from the browser cache but other users went through the server to get a response.


Shared Cache

Content is cached in a middle layer. The response is served from this layer until the Cache TTL expires; only the responses that update the content goes through the servers. Thus, the traffic of the server is reduced dramatically.


MerlinCDN offers you the middle layer of the shared cache. We benefit from the worldwide network of servers and provide a fast connection for all the users in the world.


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