Invite Users

MerlinCDN has pre-defined roles that have specific permissions by default required to undertake responsibilities as defined by the name of the role.

  • You can select from the dropdown list on the invite user section.
  • Adjust default permissions.
  • Create a custom role(s) if the pre-defined roles do not cover your requirements fully.

To invite someone as a user to your Workspace, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Type user email address.


2. Select user role.

To find out more about user roles and permissions check User Roles and Permissons section. 

Select from the pre-defined roles or choose custom to create new role with custom permissions.


3. Adjust permissions

Expand the permissions by clicking on the arrow next to Custom Permissions. Check the box next to the permission you need to give to the selected user.



4. Resource-Based Permissions

You may need to limit user’s authorization based on resources and permissions. Click on Add Permission button to expand the selection.


Details are on Restrict User Permissions page.

5. Click Submit to save settings and invite user.

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