Users and Roles in a Workspace

MerlinCDN Workspace allows you to create custom roles or use from pre-defined roles, to give different permissions to each role, and assign one or more roles to each user. For example, you may want multiple users to have permissions to create and update distributions while granting delete permission only to a single user to avoid operational mistakes. In short; Workspace helps you manage who can access your MerlinCDN resources, with which permissions, and to which modules by creating role assignments.

Administrator: The role that has create, update, delete, view, list permissions on all resources. 

Accountant: The role that is designated for accounting. This role has required permissions to view payments & balance, make payments, and manage billing settings. 

Cache Purger: The role that can only perform purge cache actions and is allowed to view and list distributions by default.   

Read-Only user: The role that is limited to view and list with no write to create, update, or delete permissions. 

Custom: You can also create custom roles if the default roles don't meet the specific needs of your organization. While setting custom permissions, if there are additional permissions required, the system automatically checks them so you do not have to figure out complex relations to manage your roles/users. 

You can see a general overview of Resources, Roles, and Permissions they have by default.  






Cache Purger 


Distributions Listing Distributions x   x x
Viewing Distribution x   x x
Purging Cache x   x  
Creating Distribution x      
Updating Distribution x      
Deleting Distribution x      
Certificates Listing Certificates x     x
Creating Certificate x      
Deleting Certificate  x      
Overview Viewing Overview Page x     x
Logs Viewing Logs Page x     x
Statistics Viewing Statistics Page x     x
Visitors Viewing Visitors Page x     x
Billing Viewing Payments & Balance x x   x
Managing Payments & Billing Settings 
x x    
Workspace Managing Workspace Users x      
Monitoring Workspace Logs x     x
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