Use Cases for Workspace

  • Scenario 1: You are representing a global telco in broadcasting with 5 channels. Each of the channels is commercially registered unique organizations under the same umbrella company. Each channel must be billed separately.  

Instead of having 5 separate accounts, MerlinCDN allows you to create 5 different Workspace where you can manage company resourcesmanage users' roles and permissions specific to each Workspace they are assigned.  


  • Scenario 2: You are a consultant/software developer & engineer. You are representing multiple companies. Each company has different teams that will take part in MerlinCDN operations and you need to invite them to MerlinCDN as users. 

Instead of having multiple CDN accounts, MerlinCDN allows you to manage your platforms, their user base, and resources with the Workspace you create for each of them. 

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