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To create a cloning command in Merlin S3 Cloner, you need to create a "Job". The buckets you want to clone do not need to be on the same provider. You can create your cloning commands from the Merlin panel and then you can manage them from here.

In this step, you must enter the information of your buckets and set the details for the cloning process.

You can create a Job and start the cloning process immediately by following the steps below:

1) Log in to Merlin Panel and click the "Jobs" button under the S3 Cloner tab in the main menu. You will be able to see the list of your Jobs afterward. On the following page, click the "Create Job" button.


2) Job name is used to distinguish defined Jobs from each other. You can give a name to the cloning orders (Job) you create by filling in the "Name" section.

3) The source bucket credentials are entered in the "Source". In the "Destination" section, the credentials of the destination bucket that is desired to be synchronized with the source bucket are entered.

4) Enter the region code of your buckets in the "Region" section.

5) Enter your Service Endpoint link in the "Service URL" section. You can get this information from the panel of your S3 Compatible storage provider you are using. If you are using one of the Merlin S3 Compatible Buckets as a target or source bucket; You can use the Bucket Endpoint link in the bucket settings for the "Service URL" by editing it as follows.

For example:

Bucket Endpoint: 

Service URL:

6) For the "Source" bucket; Go to your source storage provider. Copy and paste the 'Access key', 'Secret key', and 'Service URL' values into these fields. You should repeat the same operations for the "Destination" bucket.

Then you can complete the Job creation process by filling in the "Options" section on the right and clicking the Create button.

For options settings, visit the Options Settings link.

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