What is S3 Cloner?

Merlin S3 Cloner is an object-based synchronized cloning automation service between two different S3 compatible storages.

Companies from various industries can get benefit from Merlin S3 Cloner for storing, securing, backup, and hosting their data in two separate cloud providers. Being able to back up your data automatically allows you to control prices and save time.

Objects can be stored without file type limit (videos, images, documents, etc.) and can be synchronized with the backup bucket at any time.

In Merlin Cloner, the backup order is given by jobs. By creating a job, you can add your buckets and manage the synchronization process.

By determining your synchronization method in a few steps, you can start data backup in a short time.


Merlin S3 Compatible Cloner is used through Merlin account.
If you are already a Merlin user, you can use S3 Cloner without any further action. With its easy interface, you can start using S3 Cloner right away through the Merlin panel.

If you are not a Merlin user, you can quickly start using Merlin S3 Cloner and other Merlin products after creating a Merlin account.

To start using Merlin S3 Cloner, visit the Job Creation link.

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