WAF is an advanced HTTP filtering tool for web applications to protect their content and the origin servers. WAF is the first defense mechanism between the website and visitors. The main aim of using WAF is to filter out malicious requests. Since the traffic and requests are passed through the WAF, it works as a wall that protects your servers.

WAF is aimed to secure your servers and hence your websites. Using Merlin WAF’s benefits would increase the quality of your services and your websites without lowering the performance of your website.

For almost every customer, it is important to know that the websites they are visiting are secure. Merlin WAF will guide you to secure your system with its top-quality features. By securing your web applications, you can enhance your visitors’ satisfaction.

In Merlin, we aim to maximize the security level of your servers. Within the managed rules option, you can easily implement the advanced predefined rulesets which are created by the experts targeting common vulnerabilities. Using these rules, you can improve your website security to an upper level. Also since these rules are updating regularly by the security experts, you will be always up to date using Merlin WAF.


Merlin WAF provides you top-level security standards with its carefully constructed infrastructure. By using Merlin WAF, you will be improving your service in many ways. Merlin WAF, as being an advanced firewall, includes the most important features to provide you the best options. By using Merlin WAF, you can secure your servers from DDoS attacks, SQL injections etc. It also includes managed rules, which cover OWASP's top 10 rulesets created by the security experts.


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