If you need to prevent users in selected countries from accessing your content in your distributions, you can configure Geo-restrictions.

To manage Restrictions for your distribution; follow the steps outlined below:

Log in to MerlinCDN Management panel.

In the left navigation sidebar click Distributions. Select your distribution you want to restrict access.

  1. Click on Restrictions tab.
  2. Select status as Enabled to configure restrictions.


  • Type: Select type as Whitelist or Blacklist (1) 
  • Countries: Select the option, choose countries from the country dropdown list (2) 
  • Click Update Restrictions (3) button to submit settings.


Blacklist option 

If you want your distribution to be accessible by most of the countries except a few, you may use the Blacklist option to select only the ones you need to block. 

Whitelist option 

If you want your distribution to be accessible from a single or a few countries, you may use the Whitelist option to select only the ones you need to allow users to access.

Tip: "x" icon next to country, removes it from the selection.
"x" icon on the Countries row, removes all countries added in this section.


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