Custom Headers

You can configure MerlinCDN to add custom headers to the requests that are routed to your origin. Custom headers allow you to send and receive the necessary information that is not typically available on client requests. If a Custom header added on this section is already supplied in the client request, it is overridden. 

You can use custom headers mainly for the purposes listed below: 

Identify requests from MerlinCDN: You can identify the requests that your origin receives from MerlinCDN. 

Determine requests by distributions: You can use the same origin with different MerlinCDN distributions. In this case, you can add different custom headers in each distribution to distinguish requests received to your origin from different MerlinCDN distributions. 

Enable CORS: You can configure MerlinCDN to distribute content for websites that are enabled for cross-origin resource sharing (CORS). 

Restrict access to content on your originYou can use custom headers to restrict access to content on your origin by configuring your origin to respond to requests only when a custom header that is added by MerlinCDN exists.  

Manage cache by request headers: If you require MerlinCDN to cache different versions of your content-based, you configure custom headers and header values to manage specific requirements by selected headers later in Page Rules. 

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