Configuring Distributions

MerlinCDN allows you to configure your distributions from scratch all the while assisting you with self-explanatory screens and pre-defined settings. Settings that you can select to use as default or configure when creating and updating a distribution are briefly explained below. More information about configuration options and how to manage them is available under Guidelines.


You can specify single or multiple HTTP servers as your origins. You can configure MerlinCDN to communicate with your origin servers in certain ways depending on your requirements. If you have multiple origins that you will use in your MerlinCDN distribution, you can specify load balancing on MerlinCDN to utilize your resources in the most efficient way.


You can specify whether you want MerlinCDN to require your visitors to use HTTPS to access your distributions. 

SSL Certificates

You can upload your existing SSL certificate or obtain a free SSL certificate directly from the MerlinCDN Management panel to be deployed and used in your distribution. 


You can specify Geo-restrictions if you need to prevent users in selected countries from accessing your content in your distributions. 

Page Rules

You can specify path patternand manage behavior policies for requests received to your distributions based on options configured in this section. 

Cache Rules

You can specify query string forwarding and caching options, along with other cache behavior settings including browser cache TTL and server cache TTL for your distributions. 

Error Pages

You can specify custom error pages and error caching policies for your distributions to configure MerlinCDN to respond to requests using a custom error page when your Origin server returns an HTTP 4xx or HTTP 5xx status codes. 

Cache Invalidations

You can invalidate cached copies of your content in MerlinCDN when you need the requests directed to your origin server. You can specify either the path for individual files or a path that includes the * wildcard, which might apply to one file or to many.  

Access logs

You can enable or disable access logging that shows viewer activity for your distributions. More on this in the Log section.

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