Billing Methods

MerlinCDN provides you wide range of pricing options. You may select a plan or you may choose to continue with pay as you go. If you choose the pay as you go option, you do not need to configure any settings since it is the default option. You only need to add a balance to your account and your services will be billed and charged from that balance. You can see your balance on the top of the MerlinCDN dashboard as shown below. 



In order to reach the billing section to see your payment dashboard and add or change your subscription on the MerlinCDN, you should follow these steps: 

Log in to MerlinCDN Management panel.

In the left navigation sidebar click Billing and Click Plans on the following page.


On this page, initially, you will see the Costs and Balance section. This section includes the services that you used and the corresponding price amount that you have charged. On the right, you can see the current balance and the Monthly Usage. That includes the days of the current month of the year.


At the end of the billing dashboard, you can reach your billing actions history and easily download your bills by clicking the Download section on the right for the corresponding raw of your actions.



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