What is Video AI Ad Detector Tool?


Ad Detector is a cutting-edge tool seamlessly integrated into the Merlin OTT Suite Panel. It serves as a comprehensive solution for monitoring and analyzing advertisements on linear satellite channels. By creating unique fingerprints of ad content, monitoring linear channels, and enabling customizable scenarios, Ad Detector empowers advertisers to gain valuable insights into their campaigns and those of their competitors.

Ad Detector Setting Up

  • Create Ad Fingerprints

Create distinct fingerprints for your advertisements to enable accurate tracking.

Follow these steps:

Go to Ads on the left menu and click Create button. Select the Advertiser from the list for your Ad to be able to track it as well. Upload your ads through the Merlin OTT Suite Panel. Max size is 50MB and allowed file types are as follows: *mp4,*.mov, *.AVI, *.MKV,*. WebmYou can also add description to provide more information and classify better.

Ad Detector will automatically generate unique fingerprints for each ad. These fingerprints will be used to track ad appearances on linear satellite channels. 


  • Add Linear Channels

To be able to add new linear channels, you need to contact with the Merlin Support Team. From the Channels list, ensure you are monitoring the channels that matter most to you. You can simply select the channel that you want us to monitor from the Channels list on the letf menu.

Ad Detector, integrated with the Merlin system, continually checks these channels to identify when and where your ads appear. 

  • Introduce Advertisers

Keep your advertising efforts organized by introducing advertisers to the system, To be able to add new advertisers to the system, you need to contact with the Merlin Support Team.  

You can add advertisers to your favorite list to be able to navigate easier on the Ad Creation and Scenario Creation steps. This feature enhances campaign management and competitor analysis. 

  • Scenarios 

Utilize Ad Detector's powerful scenario creation capabilities. With creating scnearios you can:

    1. Define scenarios based on specific ad appearances.
    2. Activate scenarios at designated times.
    3. Link scenarios to trigger notifications.


To create your scenario to monitor a sprecific event or events on the satallite channels, you need to go to Scenarios on the left menu and then click the Create button. 

Then you need to give it a name and optionally provide a description. You need to provide a start and end date. 



Period is the time range that your rules will be activated after detecting on the channels that you selected to be monitored. Go to rules section to create Rules; you can create multiple rules with and AND gate. 



Once a rule is happened (detected) this rule will be active as indicated on your period. For a scenario to be occur; all the rules that are consturcting it are supposed to be active at the same time.


For example let’s assume that you created a scenario that contains 3 rules as; rule a, b and c; your period fort his scenario is 2hrs. To count your scenario as occured, rule a, b and c are supposed to be active at the same time. If the rule a occures (let’s say ad X is appeared on the channel Y) the rule a will be active for 2hrs. During this 2hrs of period rules b and c are supposed to be activated (occured) for Scenario to trigger an action on your ad server. If the rule b is activated after 1.5hrs and rule c is activated after 2.5hrs, the Scenario won’t be activated unless the rule a become active again in 1hrs after the rule c is activated.  


The period is limited to 3hrs. 


Also do not forget to activate your Scenario by selecting the Active Box on the below. You can deactivate whenever you want.



On the Triggers section (on the sub menü on the left) you will be able to see if any triggers occured according to your scenario. If all your rules are active on the given period of time your ad server will receive a tirgger. You can track when your scenario was activated. 



After creating your Scenario you should connect your Equativ account to be able to trigger actions on your ad server. Also if you want to receive a message once your Scenario is activated (all your rules are active at the same time according to given period) you need to provide your contact information, this can be a whatsapp number or SMS service for Turkish GSM only.  


Receive notifications triggered by your predefined scenarios. Automate responses for a more efficient advertising strategy.



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This functionality allows for flexible and targeted monitoring of channels and ads.

  • Triggers

Set up your scenarios to automate triggers based on specific conditions. You can track them on the Triggers section:


Access the Triggers section in the Ad Detector interface to see the full list of triggers occured from all your scenarios to your Equativ ad server. 



You can filter or select the Scenarios the specify the results to navigate better.



  • Detections

Ad Detector constantly monitors linear satellite channels and provides real-time detections. View detections through the Detections section in the Ad Detector interface.


In this screen you will see all the detections of ads that were fingerprinted on the system on the monitored channels by the system.



You can filter out the ads that are fingerprinted on the system already; to see the detections of the ads that you uploaded only by clicking ‘Include System Ads’ switch button. You can include them after by clicking the same switch. 


Click to the Select dropdown menu to select the channel to filter out the results for a specific channel. 


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You can also filter the detections list for a specific time range with the Filter Button on the right or you can use the SearchBar for searcing among channels, ads, or advertisers. 


Stay informed about when and where your ads appear to make data-driven decisions for your advertising campaigns.


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