What is OTT Suite BVR?



Create and manage distributions for your video content. Enable real-time health-check and monitoring for your live channels.

Merlin OTT Suite BVR Service delivers the best possible live streaming and VOD experience to all of your viewers, no matter where they're located. We built our edge cloud platform with performance in mind so that it's fast and reliable for all of us.

High Quality

Merlin OTT Suite BVR is an end to end solution that offers high resolution, multiple bit rates and customized for chunked formats. It has special logic built in with their proprietary algorithms which helps it stand out from other solutions scattered or local networks.

Quick and Reliable

We help you get your content to the end user as fast and efficiently possible by providing a reliable CDN that can accommodate any specification. Our edge servers are strategically placed around the world so we're always available for when it matters most.

Optimal Viewing Experience

Merlin OTT Suite BVR is optimized for global delivery of any type, and you can convert your streams between RTMP, RTSS, HLS, MPEG-DASH, or MPEG-TS. We also provide several bitrate profiles that will optimize the viewing experience no matter what device your viewers are on.

BVR with Numbers

2 TBps
1 PB
75 PB
Active Streaming Active CDN Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Capacity Storage Space Sports Events Live Sports Streaming



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