Advanced Template Installation

In the advanced setup of the VMS product, the installation process is similar to the normal installation, with the same features and functionalities. The initial steps, such as template naming rules and basic setup, remain unchanged. Please check the Normal Template Installiation article first, these steps below are the following steps. 

Here is a breakdown of the advanced setup process:

Step 4: Storage Selection

During this step, you need to select a storage option. Only one storage selection can be made at this stage. If additional storage needs to be added, you can navigate to the template menu and access the "detail -> storage group" section. By following this path, you can create a link structure based on the selected pattern. The VMS provides various storage pattern options, offering flexibility and control to the user.

Note: After completing the template definition, any additional storage should be added by accessing the "detail -> storage group" section from the template menu. It's important to select the same pattern as before.

Step 5: Package Selection

This step is also the same as the Normal Template Creation. It can be reviewed above.

Step 6: Ingest Selection

In this step, you need to specify the ingest group for uploading content via the panel. If the panel is not being used, you can choose the FTP group to add the content. The same logic applies to the DROP option (DROP and FTP usage are mentioned in section 6). Users operating within the internal system of the VMS will need to utilize the DROP functionality. Additionally, group and point promotion steps will be included to manage the ingest process effectively.

Ingest group types can be seen below as an example.

Step 7: Worker Group Selection

During this step, it is crucial to select the appropriate worker group. However, it's important to note that if you are using the internal resources for the VMS, the Default Group should not be chosen. Make sure to select an alternative worker group that aligns with your specific requirements.

Worker group types that can be selected are shown below as example.

In addition, Erstream VMS allows users to create a new worker group during this step. By providing the necessary information (shown below), users can easily set up a worker group, which greatly simplifies the usage of the Video Management System (VMS) and template creation.

By following these steps in the advanced template setup of the VMS product, you can customize and optimize the system based on your storage, ingest, and worker group preferences, ensuring efficient management of video content.

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