What is VMS Template

Once the user has introduced their desired general structures into the Erstream VMS system, they can proceed to create templates from the Template menu. Templates serve as the foundation for the general flow within the system. Erstream VMS operates on a template-based approach, enabling end users to input their own data and utilize them as templates.

By accessing the Template menu, users can define and customize templates according to their specific requirements. These templates serve as a blueprint for various processes and workflows within the system, ensuring consistency and ease of use.

Creating templates allows users to streamline their content management, processing, and distribution tasks within the Erstream VMS system, providing a structured and efficient approach to handling their data.


When creating templates in Erstream VMS, there are three types of template setup menus available: Quick, Normal, and Advanced. Please follow the guidelines below to create the template according to your video management needs. 

1. Quick Template Installation

2. Normal Template Installation

3. Advanced Template Installation

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