What is a Schedule and How to Create One?

The Schedule tab is where the channels to be broadcasted are scheduled. Ad slots are where you determine when will the ad breaks occur. In this section, you will be deciding:

  • preparation of the created channel,
  • the start and the end times of the prepared schedules,
  • the ad slot settings.

WARNING: Before creating channels, you should have already created a video profile, content, a group, and a channel. If you haven't yet, check out these links:

  1. What is a Video Profile and How to Create One?
  2. What is a Content and How to Create One?
  3. What is a Group and How to Create One?
  4. What is a Channel and How to Create One?

Here are the steps you should follow to create a schedule:


1. Click on Channel List under the Channel tab on the left sidebar menu.

2. Click on the three-dot menu (⋯) at the end of the line.

3. Select Schedule List.


4. Click on the Add Schedule button on the top right.


5. Set the Schedule Start Date. The Schedule Start Date can only be set five minutes later at the earliest.

6. Set the Schedule End Date if you want to add a strict ending time. If your content is not looped and does not have an end date, the broadcast will be ended when the playlist ends.

7. If you want to play your content in a loop, check the Loop box. If the Schedule is looped, the Schedule will start from the beginning (1st content of the 1st group until the Scheduled groups' end). If you set Loop and do not set Schedule End Date, the loop will continue until a Schedule End Date is defined.

8. Enter a name in the Schedule Name area. This step is optional. It is useful to differentiate between the schedules. As a use case, you may set a Schedule for each day of the week, and update their start – end times weekly to repeat the same Schedule weekly.

9. Click on the Active check box to activate the schedule.

10. Click the Add Group button.


11. On the pop-up screen, select the predefined group(s) that contains your content in it. Click the Ok button.


12. You can add multiple groups and order them in this section. After the scheduled broadcast begins you will not be able to add more content until it ends. So you should create the schedule carefully.

13. If you want to add advertisements to your live stream, click on the Add Ad Slot button. If not, continue with step 15.


14. There are 3 ad slot types: (I) Every Hour, (ii) Custom, and (iii) Between Contents. Choose the one you prefer in the Ad Slot Type area and fill in the areas that appear according to your selection. You can choose more than one ad slot for the same schedule. The ads you scheduled will be added automatically via Erstream's Google Dynamic Ad Insertion service DAION.

(i) Every Hour: Ads will be added every hour for defined periods.

(ii) Custom: Ads will be added on defined dates and periods.

(iii) Between Contents: Ads will be added between each content.

15. Click the Add button on the top right of the page.


16. You have successfully created a schedule. You can see the details or edit them on the three-dot menu (⋯) at the end of the line. You can see all the schedules of a channel by selecting Schedule List on the three-dot menu (⋯) at the end of the line of a channel. You can add multiple schedules to a channel. They will play according to the start time and their relative settings. Once a Schedule starts, its content cannot be updated. If you need to switch to another Schedule before an active Schedule’s end, you can add a new Schedule with a start time close tonow, this way, the channel will stop playing the previous Schedule and switch to the new one.

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