What is a Group and How to Create One?

The Group tab is where the content is categorized. Multiple groups can be created. In order to be synchronized with each other in a group, the content should be added over the same video profile. In this section, you will be deciding:

  • the name of the group,
  • which predefined video profile will be added,
  • which contents will be added within the group,
  • the order of the added contents within the group

WARNING: Before creating groups, you should have already created a video profile and content. If you haven't yet, check out these links:

  1. What is a Video Profile and How to Create One?
  2. What is a Content and How to Create One?

Here are the steps you should follow to create a group:


1. Click on Add Group under the Group tab on the left sidebar.


2. Enter a name of your choosing in the Group Name area. Relevant names will be helpful.

3. Select a predefined video profile. You can only group the contents which are in the same video profile.

4. Select the content you want to add to this group. The content should be in the video profile you selected in the previous step.

5. Drag-drop selected contents to order them in the way that they will play in the channel Schedule.

6. Click the Add button on the top right.


7. You have successfully created a group. You can see or edit the details by clicking the three-dot menu (⋯) at the end of the line. However, it is not possible to edit the details of a group once it is scheduled. You can see all the groups on the Group List under the Group tab on the left sidebar.

To successfully create live streams, the next step is creating channels. You can continue with this article to learn how to create one.

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