What is a Video Profile and How to Create One?

A video profile is where you determine in which options the content will be packaged. In this section, you will be deciding:

  • the name of the video profile,
  • the quality and the bitrate of the content output,
  • if a logo is required for the content that will be added within this video profile and if so, logo-related settings

Here are the steps you should follow to create a video profile:


1. Click on Video Profile on the left sidebar menu.


2. Click on Add Video Profile under the Video Profile tab.


3. Enter the name of your choice in the Video Profile Name area. When working with multiple platforms and channels, you will have numerous video profiles over time. Selecting video profile names based on the channel or content groups is recommended to differentiate them easily later while creating groups.

4. Select the quality of your choice in the Profile Preset area. 

5. If you want a logo on your video content that’ll be added to this video profile, select the Logo checkbox on the bottom right in this step. If you need to use the same video on different channels and with a different logo, you can add the same video content with the relevant video profile that contains the required logo. If you already have a logo on the video content, using the same logo is not recommended. If you don't want a logo on this video profile you can skip to step 7.


6. If you checked the Logo box, you could continue to this step. You have 2 options to add a logo, you can add it with a URL or upload a file. Afterselectingtherightoptionforyouandaddingthe logo, you can set the location of the logo you want to appear on the screen. This logo will be burned on each piece of content added to this video profile.

7. Then click on Add bottom on the top right.


8. You successfully created a video profile. You can create multiple video profiles according to your needs and see all of them by clicking on Video Profile List under the Video Profile tab on the left sidebar.

To successfully create FAST TV channels, the next step is creating content. You can continue with this article to learn how to create one.

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