What is a Content and How to Create One?

The Content tab is where the VOD content to be used in FAST TV channels will be identified in the system. In this section, you will be defining:

  • the name of the content,
  • if there will be a poster of the content to appear in EPG and which one,
  • the predefined video profile for the content,
  • video content's URL depending on the selected video profile.
    • NOTE: Content links must be HTTPS.

WARNING: Before creating content, you should have already created a video profile. If you haven't yet, check out this link.

Here are the steps you should follow to create content:


1. Click on Add Content under the Content tab on the left sidebar menu.


2. Enter the name of your choosing in the Content Name area. Content Names must be unique

3. You can optionally fill in the Content Title, Content Description, Poster URL, Tags, and CMS Id areas. The poster you added with its URL will be shown on the EPG table.


4. Select a predefined Video Profile.

5. If your content has both visual and audial tracks in one mp4 file, enter its URL in the Media URL area. If the mp4 is video only, enter the video link in Media URL input field, and add the audio link in Audio URL input field. If you don't have the URL for your content you can upload them on Merlin Storage and have a public link, then paste it into this area. You can access the documents on Merlin Storage here.

6. Click the Add button on the top right.


7. You have successfully created content and the encoding process has already started. You can see the contents and their encoding status on the Content List under the Content tab on the left sidebar. You can also watch the listed contents by clicking on the three-dot menu () at the end of the line and then clicking on the Watch Content. If you need the same video content on different FAST TV channels with different logos, you have to add the content again with the required video profile(s).

To successfully create live streams, the next step is creating groups. You can continue with this article to learn how to create one.

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