How to Get Started with Fast TV?

Fast TV is a 100% cloud-based service that allows you to open a Live TV channel using your created video files and your own broadcast stream. You can follow the steps below to get started.

0.png1. First you need to sign up on Merlin Panel. If you already have a Merlin account, just sign in.


2. To get an Erstreamer Fast TV license, you need to subscribe to a plan suitable to your needs. On the top right click the Billing icon.


3. Then click on Plans on the top menu.


4. Scroll down and subscribe to the plan you need in the Fast TV section. You can also see the plan details there.


5. After the subscription, you will be redirected to Erstreamer Panel. Later on, you can access this panel by clicking on the Dashboard tab under the Erstreamer Fast TV on the left navigation bar or via this link.

6. Before creating a live broadcast on Erstream Fast TV, you must make some definitions. The order of these definitions is crucial, so be careful. You can follow the links below to continue on these definitions. 

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